Understanding Culture


  • 25–27 September 2017 (Mon–Wed)
    9:30am – 4:30pm
  • 2–4 October 2017 (Mon–Wed)
    9:30am – 4:30pm

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Under Grad: $1,470
Post Grad: $2,286
Special Audit Price: $300 (Enrol before Friday 25 August)

Unit Summary
In our increasingly diverse society it is important to understand what culture is and how it shapes people’s lives. Whether you want to work with refugees, do youth ministry, undertake community development or be involved in cross-cultural ministry internationally, having a deep understanding of what informs people’s ideas and behaviour is essential. In this unit you will gain important knowledge about culture, as well as skills for investigating and understanding what people do and why they do it.

The following topics and more will be covered:

  • What is Culture?
  • Is there a Christian culture?
  • What is a Biblical understanding of culture?
  • What is the role of language in culture?
  • How do ideas about race, ethnicity, age and class impact the way people relate?
  • How are different societies structured?
  • How do people view sex, gender and sexuality in different societies?
  • What are Biblical ideas about sex, gender and sexuality?
  • How are economics and culture are intertwined?
  • How are power and authority exercised in different societies?
  • What is Globalization and how is it impacting the way people live and relate?

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