Syriac Language Project (SLP)

A Key to the Peshitta Gospels

The primary focus of the SLP is the preparation and publication of A Key to the Peshitta Gospels (KPG), a five volume Syr-Syriac-English lexicon (approximately 1,400 pages), Two volumes have been published(E.J. Brill) and the other three are at an advanced stage. The preparation of KPG is complemented by the research of three doctoral students.    
The second section of a lexical entry provides the corresponding Greek term(s) for every occurrence of that entry’s Syriac headword in the Peshitta Gospels. The third section provides the references to every occurrence of the headword in Pusey and Gwilliam’s critical edition of the Syriac  text of the Peshitta Gospels.
These features are used by the Institut für Neutestamentliche Textforschung, University of Münster, for the preparation of future editions of the Greek New Testament and has been adopted as the basis of a Syriac-English lexicon for all the Syriac versions of the New Testament.