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What is NAIITS

A unique opportunity to study the Bible, theology and ministry from an Indigenous perspective, taught by Indigenous scholars

Traditionally, Native People did not talk about spirituality or faith, nor did they build complex theologies. They simply lived what they believed. It was expected that one would live in such a way as to acknowledge and honour their Creator. Theology was practice!

In the 21st century, much has changed. We still focus our energies on helping people walk out life in a good way. Now however, it is a path centred in the person, work, life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus that is also rooted in Indigenous cultures and histories. Whether in the development of new theologies or in our forums for dialogue and teaching, it is this understanding that we speak of as our path toward wholeness.

In these units, you are invited to:

  • Learn about the Bible when reading it using the insights of an Indigenous Perspective
  • Discover perspectives on history and church history from the experience and perspective of Indigenous peoples
  • Engage in the process of doing theology led by Indigenous Scholars
  • Reflect on the implications for ministry practice, not only amongst Indigenous communities but in all of our church and ministry contexts

We are proud to be offering the introductory units again in 2018, as well as introducing new units for continuing students. Indigenous and non-Indigenous people are welcome to study these units.