Examples of Student Research relating to Culture

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The majority of Whitley’s research students who have worked on questions of culture have either been international students who have returned to leadership roles in their own country, or leaders in the migrant churches in Australia. Whitley has close partnership ties with a number of theological colleges in India, Korea, and Samoa.


  1. Thanzauva, ‘A Theological Basis for Social Transformation in Mizoram, North East India’, PhD 1993.

  2. Lianhnuni, ‘Legal Protection of the Poor in Ancient Israel: And its Significance for Mizo Society’, DTh thesis, South Asia Theological Research Institute, Senate of Serampore, 1995.

  3. Pratap Gine, ‘Nomos (law) in Context: Philo, Galatians and the Bengali Bible’ DTheol, 1998.

  4. Paul Tonson, ‘Beyond Abrahamism: A Fresh Reading of the Tanakh Traditions concerning Lot, Moab and Ammon’, PhD 1999.

  5. Peter Lewis, ‘An exploration of the Theological Implications of the Uniting Church in Australia's Interns in Mission Program for Mission and Discipleship,’ PhD 2000.

  6. Sabu Philip Edakkot, ‘The Church’s Participation in the Struggle for Humanisation as a Mission Paradigm in India: A Study based on M.M. Thomas’ writings’, D Theol, 2001.

  7. Inotoli Zhimomi, ‘Envisioning Peace and Justice: A Christian Perspective on Social Reconciliation in Nagaland’, MTheol  2003.

  8. Peniamina Leota, ‘Ethnic Tensions in Persian Period Yehud: A Samoan Postcolonial Hermeneutic’, PhD 2005.

  9. Tin Huu Nguyen, ‘A Study of South Australian Vietnamese Teenagers who were born in Vietnam Age Group 13-19 and Discerning Ministry for reaching them’,

  10. Oh-Young Kwon, ‘1 Corinthians 1-4: A Rhetorical and Social Analysis and its Evaluation from a Korean-Confucian Christian Context’, DTheol 2008.

  11. Ner Dah, ‘Reading the Kingdom Teaching of Matthew from the Context of Myanmar’, PhD 2008.

  12. Fiona Hill, ‘Disarming the Bible Bashers: Claiming the Bible for Australian Abuse Survivors’, PhD thesis, MCD 2009.

  13. Darren Cronshaw, ‘The Shaping of Things Now: Mission and Innovation in Four Emerging Churches in Melbourne’, PhD 2009.

  14. Japheth Lian, ‘The Transformation of Chin Society’, MA 2010.

  15. Valerie Billingham, ‘The Earth Mourns / Dries up in Jeremiah 4:23-28’, PhD thesis, MCD, 2010.

  16. Ash Barker, ‘En-fleshing Hope: Toward a Christian response to the rise of urban slum and squatter neighbourhood’, PhD 2011.

  17. Meewon Yang, ‘Ways of Being a Multicultural Church’, MTh 2012.

  18. Zhodi Angami, ‘The Heavenly Canopy: A Reader-Response Approach to Matthew's Infancy Narrative from the Tribal Context of North East India’, PhD 2012.

  19. Siu Fung Wu, ‘Suffering in the Light of the Justice of God in Romans’, PhD 2014.

  20. Kesolenuo, ‘Abraham, Israel and the Nations: The Implications of Abraham’s Blessings for the Nations’, MTheol 2016.

  21. Deborah Storie, ‘Reading for Transformation: Adventuring with Zacchaeus (Luke 19)’, PhD 2016.

  22. Chris Turner, ‘Faith as ontological Anxiety in the Australian Context: A Contextual Application of the Theology of Paul Tillich’, PhD 2016.

  23. Xiaoli Yang, ‘A Comparative Study on Homecoming in Contemporary Chinese Poetry and Christian Spirituality’, PhD 2016.

  24. Angela Sawyer, ‘Reading the exilic theology of Isaiah 40–55 in the Context of post-Christendom Australia’, PhD ongoing.

  25. Tommy Nguyen, Interpreting the Nature of Faith and Law in Galatians from an Australian Vietnamese context’, PhD ongoing.

  26. Adelce Mandibondibo, ‘The role of the Protestant Churches in West Papua in the Prevention of Domestic Violence’, PhD ongoing.

  27. Makesi Neemia, ‘Land and God in Priestly Tradition: A Samoan Postcolonial Hermeneutic’, ongoing.

  28. Sam Moleli, ‘Jabez in Context: Identity, Land and Mobility’, ongoing.

  29. Grace Tsoi, ‘Reading Judges 19 as a Chinese Woman’, PhD ongoing.