WARTS 2014



Whitley’s annual theatrical production showcases the many talents of Whitley students in acting, music and stage production.

It is directed and produced by students and is staged at one of the University of Melbourne's theatres. 


2014  BAT BOY



Bat Boy: The Musical
This is a cast whose windows you can peek into from your room here at IH: our closest neighbours, Whitley, emerged from their donut brandishing a weird and terrifying musical. Don’t confuse ‘Batboy’ with ‘Batman’ – this is not some superhero parody or coming of age musical with a happy ending. Comedic horror would be an accurate description; I spent the whole show either gaping at the events that unfolded before me or laughing my head off. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first sat down, but within the first five minutes I was transfixed. Whitley honestly exceeded my expectations: their cast was great (and huge! It looked like half their college!), the production elements were really well done and the actual musical was a great choice and really well written. Nothing disappointed me. I have to give a special mention to the actor of ‘Batboy’, the mother and the veterinarian father. They really shone, and managed to give a lot of depth and complexity to characters in a musical about a child who was half-bat, which is honestly an impressive feat. If you didn’t go to this show, you missed out.

- Reviewed by International House



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