Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is the highest priority for the College. Students are encouraged to maintain a healthy balance between their academic studies, paid work, recreation and sleep.

Senior students and Residential Advisors are placed in each area of the College to provide immediate support to all students. The College's Pastoral Care Program is under the guidance of the Deputy Warden. Working with the Warden, the program is given the highest priority in maintaining an open door policy for all students to discuss issues of concern, all within careful parameters of confidentiality.


One of the major benefits of College life is academic support.

Whitley College closely monitors the academic progress of its residents. Academic excellence is fostered, as well as the encouragement of well-rounded success in the arts, sport and music.



The College has on its staff a number of resident and non-resident tutors to support students with their academic course work and general approach to tertiary studies.

Tutorials are offered throughout the week over a wide range of courses. In addition, seminars are run each year covering topics such as essay writing, stress management and exam preparation.

Recent student feedback on our tutorial program have included: 

"The tutor encouraged me to participate in the tutorial, he explained concepts in a clear way and provided the opportunity to work through past exams and difficult questions which has prepared me for the exam"

"The tutor relates really abstract concepts to real life situations and has lots of structure while still letting class discussion flow."

"The tutor took the time to make sure everyone understood important points of the subject. She knew the specific subject requirements very well."


The College is implementing a holistic care system that takes into account the need for members of its residential community to have both rights and responsibilities. The aims are:

  • To promote student growth academically, personally, spiritually, communally
  • To ensure that the College is a place where students can actively and collaboratively participate in all areas of College life

Fair Treatment Policy

The Residential College of the University of Melbourne seek to assist their members in achieving the highest standards in their personal lives. In their studies and in the professions they will enter; standards based on genuine compassion and respect for others.

The Heads of Colleges of the University of Melbourne have adopted a policy in which discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying in any form is not tolerated. College life is at its best for everyone when:

  • we treat each other with respect;
  • we avoid doing things which make others uncomfortable or intimidated;
  • we do not misuse our power over others.

Every member of the community shares responsibility for making the College a happy and fulfilling environment for all those who live, study and work here.

All Colleges appoint a trained Fair Treatment Co-ordinator and trained Fair Treatment contact persons, each year. The Fair Treatment Co-ordinator oversees and monitors Fair Treatment Policy.

Click here to access the policy: Fair Treatment Policy


In addition to the College's Pastoral Care Team, the Warden and Deputy Warden are positioned to make informed and appropriate referrals to local health care and other services. The Melbourne University Counselling Service offers free counselling to all university students and staff, while respecting people’s diversity.