Our Values


The values that guide our community are:


1. Community Involvement

Whilst each resident is committed to academic excellence, we also choose to involve ourselves in the whole of College life. There is a place for everyone to contribute his/her unique gifts and strengths.


2. Lifelong Learning

We aspire to continuous learning across all areas of life. We seek out opportunities to learn more about ourselves, others and the world.


3. Individual Freedom and Respect for Others

We are a community that celebrates every resident's freedom to be him/herself. We demonstrate commitment to one another's worth by respecting the rights and property of each resident.


4. Personal Growth

Understanding that College residence is a wonderful privilege, we commit ourselves to take every opportunity to grow in integrity, self-knowledge, interpersonal and leaderships skills.


5. Inclusiveness of Diversity

We are committed to acting in ways that include rather than exclude. We respect and nurture diversity through appreciating the cultural and religious backgrounds of all people.


6. Environmental Responsibility

We seek to be responsible in our use of resources and to minimize our ecological footprint. 



In living out our vales, we aspire to build a community that is: 

  • Purposeful
  • Open
  • Just
  • Disciplined
  • Caring
  • Celebrative