Leadership and Development

The College encourages students to take leadership roles within the College and there are many opportunities to do so. This includes positions on the Student Executive, various committees within the college including the IT committee, and Senior Student positions.


Student Leaders and Tutors are trained in pastoral care, first aid and other skills helpful for their leadership roles in the College.

The National Association of Australian University Colleges (NAAUC) Is an annual conference for student leaders from Colleges all over Australia. Whitley supports 3-4 students to attend each year. The National Student Leadership Forum (NSLF) is held in Canberra each year. This conference provides an opportunity for tertiary students to meet with political leaders and discuss issues of faith and leadership.


Opportunities for volunteering with local community organizations are encouraged and facilitated by the College.


Every student is a member of the Student Club. The purpose of the Club is to promote a sense of community among the members of the College, through sharing cultural, social and sporting experiences in the College, and to take an interest in all that concerns College welfare. 


Support is offered to assist with long term career planning. Staff and Tutors help with resume writing and job-interview techniques. Tutors are keen to provide individual feedback and encouragement and can often help with connections in the world of work and further study options.