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Whitley College (a recognised teaching institution of the University of Divinity) & The University of Melbourne

Director: Terry Falla

Research and Editorial Associate: Beryl Turner



The Syriac Language Research Centre is located at Whitley College in Melbourne, Australia. It is a leading Australian centre for research and publication on Syriac. 

The Syriac Language Research Centre has two research foci: the Syriac Language Project (SLP) and the International Syriac Language Project (ISLP).


About Syriac

Syriac is an ancient and still-living language. It is one of the main and enduring dialects of Aramaic, which spans three millennia and which was the language of literature, communication and commerce throughout the Middle East from about 600 BCE to 700CE. It belongs to the Semitic group of languages that includes Akkadian, Eblaitic, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Hebrew and Epigraphic South Arabian, and was the major spoken language in the formative periods of Christianity and rabbinic Judaism. Syriac's vast literature includes foundational texts for Judaism and Christianity, and its use in early Islam is a developing area of research. Many Syriac texts are not yet treated in lexical works.



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Syriac Language Project

At the core of this project is a Syriac dictionary, A Key to the Peshitta Gospels (KPG). Two of the five volumes have been published(1991, 2000) in Metzger's New Testament Tools and Studies series.

KPG, used by beginners and specialists, contributes to our understanding and study of the New Testament and the development of ancient - language lexicography.

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The International Syriac Language Project

In the process of creating KPG, Terry Falla became aware that Syriac lexicographical method was still in the 19th century. To address this issue, he gathered a number of interested international and interdisciplinary ancient language scholars, and in 2002, they formed The International Syriac Language Project. The group now has more than twenty members, and meets and publishes annually.

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ISLP Publications




The Syriac Language Research Centre is funded by private donors and grants. Tax-deductible donations can be made to the Syriac Language Project through Whitley College.




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