Historical Collection
The collection is housed in the compactus and includes specialized resources, particularly related to Baptist history. The Boreham Collection, a special part of the Historical Collection, is located in one of the display cases. It includes books by and about Frank Boreham (1871-1959), as well as items from his personal collection. Please contact the Librarian if you would like access to these collections.
 Theological collection
This is the largest of the library's collections and contains approximately 30,000 volumes. It covers all areas of theology including biblical languages, biblical studies, church history, systematic theology, ministerial studies, missiology and pastoral care. The theological collection is classified according to the Dewey classification system.
 Periodicals Collection
The library currently subscribes to approximately 160 periodical titles. It also has significant runs of many other periodicals. In total there are approximately 3500 bound periodical volumes in the collection.  
Residential Collection
The residential collection caters primarily for residential university students. It provides general resources for undergraduate university courses. Items in this collection are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. The residential collection also includes general periodicals and a collection of University of Melbourne exam papers.