Coursework Units in Intercultural Studies


Coursework Units in Intercultural Studies Many of the units taught at Whitley include elements of Indigenous and intercultural studies, and the units with a special focus in this area are listed here:

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (for Cross-Cultural Engagement)
  • Culture and Language (How to understand Cultures and Languages)
  • Contextual Mission
  • Experiencing Cross-Cultural Engagement
  • Language Acquisition 1 & 2
  • Crossing the Street: Understanding Islam and our Muslim Neighbours
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Being Human in a Pluralistic World
  • The Multicultural Church (with Meewon Yang and Marc Chan, BUV)
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees (with Meewon Yang)
  • The Good Life (with Anne Mallaby and Mark Brett)