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Discover a wide range of units on offer in 2017 below. To learn more about the timetable and undergraduate and postgraduate pathways available click here.


Semester 1 (27 February – 2 June 2017)

  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees
    Based on case studies on the experience of asylum seekers in Australia, reflect on the psychological, ethical, political and legal issues in light of biblical and theological resources.
  • Justice in the Prophets
    Explore the concept of justice through the voice of Israel’s prophets, with particular attention to Amos, Isaiah and Jeremiah.
  • Theologies and Practices of Love
    Explore the biblical theologies of love and their ethical implications within the cultural contexts of the ancient world.
  • Chinese Poetry Christian Faith: Intercultural Conversations
    Study contemporary Chinese poetry and its quest for identity, freedom, and communal belonging as a basis for theological reflection, seeking resonances with biblical thought and paths for constructive dialogue.


Semester 2 (31 July – 3 November 2017)

  • Bonhoeffer’s Theology in Historical Context
    Explore Bonhoeffer’s theological ideas and his engagement with the changing religious, social and political context of Hitler’s Third Reich.
  • The Micah Mandate
    Examine biblical texts exploring Christian responses to the needs of marginalised people in a globalised word. 
  • Capitalism and the Kingdom of God
    How do we understand and evaluate the economic system from a theological perspective. A creative dialogue between two important disciplines.
  • Romans: Suffering and Justice
    Explore the message of Romans from the perspective of the poor and enslaved in Rome in the first century. 
  • Action and Contemplation: The Art of Christian Engagement
    Discover the art of engaging in Christian life and ministry with a contemplative awareness.
  • Crossing the Street – Understanding Buddhism & Our Buddhist Neighbours
    Engage with the tenets and sociohistorical development of Buddhism as a platform for understanding Buddhist beliefs and engaging with Buddhists today.
  • Cultural Anthropology for Cross-Cultural Engagement & Development
    Examine human beings within the context of their social systems, relationships and other influences. Reflect upon the meaning people ascribe to these as a basis for fruitful intercultural interaction.
  • Migration and the Bible
    Explore the various dimensions of forced and unforced migration in the Biblical traditions, such as journeying, exodus, exile and return, sojourning, new exodus, and diaspora, and their implications for living faithfully in today’s world.
  • Death
    Let's talk about death in ways that are honest, meaningful, and responsible, and undertake a theological investigation into the subject of death utilising the resources of Christian belief and significant thinkers in the Western tradition.
  • Creativity and Spirituality
    Explore and develop your own spiritual practice through the intentional engagement of creative expressions.


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