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Whitley College, the Baptist College of Victoria is one of the theological Colleges of the University of Divinity. At Whitley College you can learn with others who are committed to the call of God and to the life and mission of the church.



A great opportunity to spend time in serious learning and share fellowship with like-minded people as you seek to follow Christ and serve in Churches in Australia’s multicultural society. The TransFormation program provides training for Church leaders from all denominations of non-English speaking backgrounds.

It combines study, spiritual growth, worship and community experience which are essential in the formation of Christian leaders. It is designed to help people overcome the obstacles of time, money and language that have previously prevented them from attending existing courses of college study.


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Pathway to further study


It is possible to train towards a Diploma of Ministry from the University of Divinity for those who want to extend their studies.


David Han ( Journey from TransFormation to Master Degree)

" I started my exciting journey with Jesus Christ from the TransFormation course in Whitely College 10 years ago. I didn't expect I could finish my MA degree when I decided to study TransFormation course at that time. However, the TransFormation course was really nice pathway for me to study Diploma, Bachelor and finally Master Degree. If you want to serve your church with true leadership, I strongly recommend the TransFormation course for you. "




The program provides an alternative pathway for those seeking Ordination and Accreditation by the Baptist Union of Victoria. There are additional steps that will be necessary for those wanting to do this.


Laivet Mami ( Victorian Matu Christian Church/ Ordination in 2014)

" I studied TransFormation course and ordained in 2014 by the Baptist Union of Victoria. I was a pastor with 24 years experience in my ministry but TransFromation course was really good time to review everything what I studied in old times and helped me to increase my English communication skills."




The TransFormation program costs for 2016 are $360 per person. It is suggested that Churches could help support the applicants where necessary. Scholarships may be available for all or part of these fees.





Rev Dr Richard Mallaby 


BSc(Agric), BD, MEnvirSci, DMinStuds 

Coordinator of Transformation Program

Richard Mallaby worked in agriculture in Western Australia before studying theology at the Baptist Theological College of WA and working in West Papua with Service Fellowship International in community development. Since returning to Australia in 1997, he has worked in pastoral ministry within Churches of Christ, and then for the last ten years, at Box Hill Baptist church with his wife, Anne.

Richard’s doctorate explored the experience of wonder and encounter for children in the natural world, and his pastoral ministry is significantly influenced by the need for creative and explorative experiences with children. He is keenly aware of environmental and social issues, and participates in theological dialogue on current concerns. 

He serves on the Multicultural Committee of the Baptist Union of Victoria, and in serving at Box Hill, is actively engaged in encouraging multicultural ministries. 

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